Frequently Asked Questions


  • This is the first time I’ve heard about YakoCasino. Could you tell me more?

  • How do I create my YakoCasino Account?

  • I’m having problems creating an account. What’s wrong?

  • Am I allowed to play from my country?

  • I’m trying to register a YakoCasino account but it says my email address is already in use.

  • Can I have more than one account with YakoCasino?

  • Can I open an account on behalf of someone else?

  • Do I need to create an account to play your games?

  • Is there a minimum age requirement?

  • I'd like to speak to Support - can you get me in touch?

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My Account

  • Are my personal details safe at YakoCasino?

  • Where’s my address verification email?

  • How do I log into my account?

  • How do I change my registered email address?

  • I’ve noticed some incorrect personal details. Can I edit them?

  • Why can’t I sign in to my account?

  • SOS! I’ve forgotten my password! What now?

  • How can I subscribe to your mailing list?

  • Where can I take a look at my account history?

  • How do I stop promotions and newsletters from reaching me by email?

  • Why has my account been blocked?

  • I still have other questions about my YakoCasino account. Who should I contact?

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Payments / Deposits

  • How do I make a deposit at YakoCasino?

  • Which deposit methods can I use at YakoCasino?

  • Which credit/ debit cards do you accept?

  • Are there any hidden fees when processing payments to my YakoCasino account?

  • How long will it take for funds to be deposited to My Account?

  • Where can I see my available balance?

  • Why hasn't my deposit been successful?

  • My deposit didn’t go through/ was declined/rejected. What’s wrong?

  • Is there any way to set fixed deposit limits?

  • Can I use my card to deposit funds to a friend’s account?

  • I still have other questions about deposits. Who should I contact?

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Withdrawals / Payouts

  • How can I withdraw funds from my YakoCasino account?

  • Which withdrawal methods may I use?

  • Is there a withdrawal limit?

  • What are BIC, SWIFT and IBAN?

  • How long will it take to process my withdrawal?

  • Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings?

  • I’ve changed my mind about withdrawing. Any chance I can cancel my request?

  • I will be submitting my cashout request from a country other than the one registered in my YakoCasino account. Is there anything I should do?

  • I can’t withdraw money. Can you help?

  • Can I withdraw to someone else’s bank account?

  • Can I change the currency of my account?

  • Can I make a deposit or withdraw money using my mobile phone?

  • I still have other questions about withdrawals. Who should I contact?

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Bonuses and Yako Spins

  • Did you say Bonus? What’s that?

  • How do I claim my Welcome Bonus?

  • What are my Welcome Bonus options?

  • What does “wagering requirement” mean?

  • Is there a wagering limit when it comes to bonuses?

  • How many bonuses have I received to date?

  • Why has my promotion been declined?

  • How can I cancel a Deposit Bonus?

  • What are Yako spins?

  • How can I activate Yako spins?

  • How much of my bonus is left to wager?

  • Why didn’t I get my Yako spins?

  • I still have other questions about bonuses. Who should I contact?

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  • Does it cost money to use YakoCasino on my mobile?

  • Can I play casino games on my mobile?

  • Does the website work with Mac, Chromebook, Android, iOS etc.?

  • What if I lose my mobile phone?

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  • What are cookies and what do they do?

  • The game doesn’t start when I click on the link

  • What do I do if the slots keep spinning?

  • How do I clear my browser cache?

  • It says my Flash is outdated. What is Flash and what do I do now?

  • How do I take a screenshot?

  • Everything’s slowed down! What are the minimum system requirements at YakoCasino?

  • My game’s slowed down – what’s up buttercup?

  • Help! My game’s got stuck half way through! What can I do?

  • What happens if my connection is lost while playing one of your casino games?

  • I’ve just received a technical error I don’t understand. What now?

  • Why won’t my game load?

  • My screen is blank – could anyone help?

  • My game screen just turned off – It’s so dark; is there anybody home?

  • My game was interrupted during free spins, where can I see the results?

  • I lost connection, and can't load the game again

  • Oh dear! My game keeps crashing! SOS!

  • What happens if I lose my connection while playing Live Casino?

  • The game’s freezing up and displaying error messages – is it really the end?

  • I’m receiving an error message stating that my graphic card is not supported – what does that mean?

  • How can I turn off the sound?

  • Game colours look weird – any chance of editing them?

  • I’ve come across a critical bug in one of your games. How can I report this?

  • I still have other technical questions. Who should I contact?

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Safety and Security

  • How do I know my money is safe at YakoCasino?

  • Is my personal and account information safe?

  • Why do my deposit and withdrawal methods need to be the same?

  • Why do you sometimes request documents to be sent to you?

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Play Safe

  • I’d like to take a break. Can I self-exclude?

  • I’ve had enough of self-exclusion. Can I cancel it?

  • While I am self-excluded, can I open and use another account?

  • What happens to the money in my account during the self-exclusion?

  • I’ve changed my deposit limit, why does it still show the same amount?

  • Can I change my deposit limit at any time?

  • Can I remove my deposit limit?

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Getting in Touch

  • I have some ideas and feedback I’d love to run by you. How do I get in touch?

  • I sent you guys an email, when should I expect a reply?

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  • How can I know that all casino games are fair?

  • How can I be certain that YakoCasino provides fair gaming?

  • What’s a Random Number Generator?

  • How can I be certain that the Random Number Generator (RNG) is reliable?

  • How do I know the casino will not manipulate the RNG?

  • Is it possible to play for fun instead of real money?

  • How can I find out the name of the game provider?

  • When will I get my Casino winnings?

  • I can’t seem to find the last casino game I played. Could you help me?

  • Where has my account history been saved to?

  • I won after a gamble session but haven’t received any money yet. Where are my winnings?

  • I won big but got logged out due to inactivity. What happened to my bonus / free spins?

  • Where can I find the game rules?

  • Where can I find a list of all the games available on YakoCasino?

  • What is a Paytable?

  • What about Auto play?

  • How can I stop auto spins?

  • What do you mean I can choose levels?

  • Why don't I win on all lines when choosing 1 line?

  • May I see the different bet limits on the roulette tables in Live Casino, please?

  • How many decks are there in Blackjack?

  • Are coins and cash the same thing?

  • I won but didn’t get my winnings – what’s going on?

  • Winning the jackpot would really make my day – how do I play?

  • Best day ever! I won the jackpot – what happens once I stop jumping for joy?

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